Mataash (2019) Kannada Full Movie Download


Mataash (2019) Kannada Full Movie Download

If you’re in the mood for some comedy and satire that doesn’t come with any preachy undertone, this one could be for you.

Cast & Crew
Director: SD Aravinda
Actor: Samarth Narasimharaju, Aishwarya Shindogi, V. Manohar, Raaghu Ramanakoppa, Rajani Bharadwaj, Siddhanth Sundar
Release Date: 01 Feb, 2019

Mataash (2019) Kannada Review:
The announcement of conclusion has Asian country during a fury. And in province, there are 3 gangs of individuals whose life gets interlinked with new currency being on the loose. Director SD Arvinda has tried to bring back the diversion that was seen in classic comedies like it is a Mad Mad World, wherever chaos and multiple characters ensured there was lots happening. whereas the intention was right, the ultimate product appears a shade everywhere the place.

The plan to possess a sarcastic tackle conclusion is often a decent idea, because it continues to be spoken concerning. This film begins with Narendra Modi’s announcement of conclusion and also the days that follow. One one hand there’s a petty gang from Vijayapura, World Health Organization need to earn massive and obtain their hands on a bag of recent notes. there’s another gang of company gangsters from Bengaluru, World Health Organization need to exchange massive black currency for brand spanking new notes. Then there’s a gang of boys from Mysuru World Health Organization are on a vacation. have a say a stash of recent notes on the loose and 2 girls for visual image, you’ve got a mad ensemble prepared. once everyone’s methods converge, mayhem ensues.

Mataash has the intent in situ, however the story involving several characters appears too jarring sometimes. whereas there’s a story in situ, the journey appears rather long-winding. and also the photography appears to play AN obstacle at the most times, instead of play a guide through the script. The ensemble solid appears to largely do a decent job.


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