Kismat (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download


Kismat (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download

Kismat is an earnest effort and it shows. It will especially appeal to those who haven’t seen the original.

Cast & Crew
Director,Actor: Vijay Raghavendra
Release Date: 23 Nov, 2018

Kismat (2018) Kannada Review:
Kismat the long-pending film directed and made by Vijay Raghavendra might not build a dent at the box workplace, however can sure build the audience stay awake and ponder. The story of conservative lives with sprinkles of joy and uncertainty homogenised with gallows-tree of humour, makes it a relatable one.

The story galvanized from Alphonse Puthren’s 2013 South Dravidian film Neram, the film revolves around associate idle conservative youth, Vijay (Vijay Raghavendra) whose life is caught up by uncertainty. His responsibility towards his family impels him to require a loan with high interest rates, that lands him at the mercy of Badi Badhra, a rowdy cash investor.

After returning it in instalments, for 2 months, Vijay is unable build the third. together with a looming point in time to come the cash, Vijay gets entangled in an exceedingly knotty scenario together with his love interest Anupama (Sangeetha Bhat), her father (Sunder Raj), his in-law (Naveen Krishna) and also the cash lender— all at the identical time. The sophisticated twists and turns in addition to abundant uncertainty ends up in the climax of destiny.

Puthrens original story has been handled with care by Vijay, World Health Organization has enclosed hints of native flavours, and manages to introduce a whiff of freshness to the story. However, the film loses out solely due to its delayed unharness.

Vijay as associate actor has rendered nothing in need of associate exemplary expertise. He gets into the skin of any character effortlessly. although he had alternative responsibilities to manage, once it involves screen presence, he gets it right. whereas Sangeetha because the love interest to Vijay features a little role to play, she, together with Tabla Nani, Saikumar, Girish Shivanna and fragmentise dominion lend credible support. In associate extended anaglyph, Chikkanna and Dharma gets the audience laughing.


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