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Watch this film, as it is different from the usual ones. Alok, a computer genius, has been taken by the cops. At stake is a big risk for the nation. He dreams of being an entrepreneur with his own start-up.

Cast & Crew
Director: Janardhan Chikkanna
Actor: Sonu Gowda, Avinash Yelandur, Rangayana Raghu, Naveen Shankar, Pawan Kumar
Release Date: 30 Mar, 2018

Gultoo (2018) Kannada Review:
Which makes this week’s Gultoo already a rare realize – a Kanarese film whose plot points square measure as current as you may hope for. however even additional apparently, this film, written by Avinash Lakshmaiah and Janardhan Chikkanna, appears to urge several of its buzz words and technical plot points right, albeit not the politics of the difficulty. So, once characters within the film remark things like “worms” or “shoulder surfing”, you get the sensation that they could truly understand what these words mean.

Thanks to that effort, Gultoo, that Janardhan conjointly directed, actually shows flashes of a fascinating digital adventure story. therefore you have got Alok (newcomer Naveen Shankar), a super-smart engineer United Nations agency dreams of start consequent imaginary being start-up, however lands up living a reasonably inactive life serving occasional and teaching at a pc institute instead. One day, Pooja (Sonu Gowda) walks into his life and romance appears to blossom. however there’s additional to each our protagonists than meets the attention and a large cat-and-mouse game is poised to unfold.

Unfortunately, though, as current because the topic of his script is, Janardhan appears unable to interrupt fully out of the formula lure, wasting most of the primary 0.5 on an excessively long romance. And sadly, the film’s combat romance doesn’t move too off from the damaged path. there’s a nod or 2 towards updated thinking: just like the neighbour United Nations agency spots Alok taking Pooja up to his area. once she learns that Pooja could be a “friend”, she comments: “Alright if it’s a lover. The boys United Nations agency were here earlier would forever say they’re taking their sisters up to their rooms.” however except for moments like this, the primary 0.5 follows fairly predictable and generally boring lines.

So by the time the film gets to the core of its story, it’s very little time to meticulously unfold its thrilling chase. Instead, a bit over halfway through, Gultoo dumps its story on the viewer in a very series of too telling explanations. The film conjointly appears unfree by its own want to be understood, that takes priority over the standard modes of building suspense and slowly teasing out the tangled threads of mystery. generally the film manages to mix the will for clarification with inventive outtakes, like the extended primer on ideas like huge knowledge and therefore the dark net, that includes associate look by reverse director Pawan Kumar.

But birth out all of its key ideas as dumbed-down explanations robs the film of its potential for dramatic conflict. therefore once the tip credits roll by, you can’t facilitate however feel a bit defeated. There square measure still enough attention-grabbing parts within the film to stay you engaged throughout. The supporting forged, as an instance, together with actors like Avinash and Rangayana Raghu, bring their A-game to characters United Nations agency are written with additional depth than the same old wood fare. Sonu Gowda too has her moments in a very story that provides her many screen-time. the primary 0.5 is additionally enlivened by some uncommon songs written by Amit Anand, whose music offers a special feel to the film.


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